Mongolian Fur Coats For Sale 2021


Here are mongolian fur coats For Sale, all of them are 100% real fur or lambs wool jacket

Why store real furs as winter fur coats?

Mongolian fur coats are the best way to keep warm, but the price is higher than normal coat, and the care is troublesome. The curly lamb usually refers to cashmere (the fine wool cut from the goat). The diameter of each cashmere fiber is more than seven times thinner than our hair. That is why lamb fur coat looks very thin but very warm. The best fur jacket is  lambs wool taken off when the goat is still young. It can only be produced once in a lifetime, only 80gram at a time, which is extremely low.

Mongolian fur coats

Size small is avallabe, we provide customized service if you need a special size
Mongolian fur coatsblank

How to Clean a real Fur Jacket?

We need to clean our fur coats or jackets at least once a year to maintain their natural shine and prolong life of fur. Fur cleaning aims to remove dust particles, poll

Cleaning Steps:

  • Step 1: add baking soda, salt and washing liquid into the water basin.
  • Step 2: put the clean towel into the water to wet and twist 80% to dry.
  • Step 3: wipe the overcoat in one direction; if it is dirty, wipe it repeatedly to remove the stain easily.
  • Step 4: finally, wipe 1-2 times with water, dry the clothes in the sun, perfect.


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